Polignano A Mare &… “Pescarìa”

Have you ever heard of or visited the beautiful city of Polignano a Mare? Well, I guess that in both cases, you will be fascinated. For so long, I really wanted to throw down few lines about this pleasant Apulian town, which is different from all others and, perhaps, for this reason my favorite so far. I always say “when you see polignano you fall in love”; and that’s why when I can, I always try to come back there. If I could sum it up in three points, I would say:

  • Location: the territory borders on the east by the Adriatic Sea, to the north with Mola di Bari, to the west with Conversano, in the south-west with Castellana Grotte and in the south-east with Monopoly. The oldest part of the town stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Adriatic Sea;
  • Famous for: its sea caves, the historic center and the remains of Roman rule. The city is an important tourist destination and receives every year the Blue Flag, award given by the Foundation for Environmental Education. It ‘also the city of Domenico Modugno , which was dedicated a statue on the waterfront;
  • What to see:
    • Lama Monachile – This beach, the most beautiful of the city, is made of pebbles and rocks, and in summer is stormed by millions of tourists from around the world;img_2074
    • la “Balconata sul Mare”, from whic you can see with your eyes Lama Monachile, the promenade “Domenico Modugno” and the Adriatic Sea;
    • Domenico Modugno’s Statue; IMG_2083.JPG
    • See caves – Among the most famous there is Grotta Palazzese, which has received a mention among the “seven scenic wonders of the world“;tumblr_lvaas4vpyx1qcl3wgo1_1280
    • The poems of Guido il Flaneur – Poetic quotes on walls and doors in the historic center are the work of a abstract man called “Guido the Flaneur”:  sometimes, you will meet him on the streets, in a bar or in the square.

For some time the city has become even more famous due to a truly innovative concept linked to the sea, that is the birth of the first “fish street-restaurant”: the best fish of Lo Scoglio by Bartolo L’Abbate, the creativity of Domingo Iudice-marketer, and the tasty combinations of the chef Lucio Mele gave birth to a whole new way to enjoy good seafood named Pescaria! 🐠🦐


The menù is rich and is divided between shellfish and raw fish, tartares, 5 types of sandwiches plus the chance to taste the sandwich of the day and salads, served with a glass of wine. 😋

The wait is long, but definitely worth it. About Pescaria in Polignano, everybody talks about it on social media: from Facebook to Instagram with the hundreds of photos taken in Lama Monachile. In the wake of the enthusiasm, success and also to the great demand, from September 2016, it’s opened another point Pescaria but this time in the center of Milan, in via Bonnet 5.

A perfect idea for lunch, dinner, a drink or a snack; it’s appropriate to say that it’s always the right time to move from Pescaria! I’ll go back and you?😉


Pescaria, Piazza Aldo Moro, Polignano a Mare (BA).

Open all days: 12,30-00, con consegna a domicilio su Polignano.

Facebook: Pescaria

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