Florence city break guide

Florence.. What do you show and…what do you hide?!?

Here’s to you my (bilingual) mini-guide: if you are running or staying in Florence only 1/2 days, it will be perfect and very helpful to you. 😊 But first… where are we? 🤔

📍Region: Tuscany.

📍Location: Firenze – Prato – Pistoia Area and the city is crossed by the Arno River (the city itself divides it into Valdarno Superiore and  Valdarno Inferiore ).

📍Famous for: beeing an important university centre and UNESCO World Heritage site. Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance and is universally recognised as the cradle of art and architecture, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its museums and landmarks are numerous: the Duomo, Santa Croce, the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Pitti , just to mention a few. Furthermore, the city is fashion-conscious enough to be one of the most active and important in Italy and in the world.



Most of visitors arrive in Florence by train or bus from Santa Maria del Fiore’s Station, which is a strategic point to visit the homonymous church and go in the old town.

2. From here on, walk on Via del Sole and Via degli Strozzi and you will go in Piazza della Repubblica , where street performers and their performances take place especially at dusk. In Via degli Strozzi there is the famous Palazzo Strozzi: until 22 January 2017 it will host “Free” by Ai Weiwei (an event not to be missed!) Moreover, it and Via Tornabuoni are Florentine luxury shopping streets thanks to Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Dior and so on. However, I recommend you to shop in the Rinascente: prices are more affordable for everyone and you have the chance to enjoy a coffee, a drink or a lunch / dinner on the top floor.😍


3. At this point you will find in front of you Via dei Calzaiuoli. Make a choice: turn left towards Piazza del Duomo, or turn right towards Piazza della Signoria. I recommend you to visit the Duomo’s complex before due to the long files to access to the monuments (until 3 hours of waiting in the summer period): if you can try to booking the ticktes before to avoid this at the following link: https://www.ilgrandemuseodelduomo.it/. The complete tour usually includes a visit to Duomo, Baptistery and Crypt as well as the ascent to Brunelleschi’s Dome and Giotto’s Bell Tower. It is really worth! 😉 And enjoy a good lunch / dinner at Eataly, right next to the Duomo, which offers all the delights of our beloved kitchen. Mouth-watering! 😋

 4. And now… Piazza della Signoria whith its central element: Palazzo Vecchio, the civil and administrative power’s seat. There are also other ancient sculptures in marble or stone like  Marzocco by Donatello , the mighty lion  with the Florentine lily or Neptune’s Fountain. Moving to the Uffizi Gallery (you can by the tickets on http://www.b-ticket.com/b-ticket/uffizi/venue.aspx ), there is Lanzi’s Loggia which includes numerous marble sculptures with the exception of the bronze masterpiece by Benvenuto Cellini : Perseus , 1554.


5. If you want, you can visit the world-famous Uffizi Gallery (I will give you some tips in the next post), or you can head directly to Ponte Vecchio  and watch a beautiful sunset. The bridge’s workshops, all colored and lining the street, are jewelers but they are interrupted in the middle of the bridge from to  two large terraces full of love-padlocks. 💕

6. To finish this speed-tour you could take a quick look outside on Palazzo Pitti and then head to Piazzale Michelangelo, the icing on the cake of this experience, huge roof to enjoy spectacular views of the city.

“Quando sento che mi prende la depressione, torno a Firenze a guardare la cupola del Brunelleschi: se il genio dell’uomo è arrivato a tanto, allora anche io posso e devo provare a creare, agire, vivere.”


Have a nice trip like ours!

Serena Rizzo, Founder of Un Mare di Stelle

“Life is a journey, enjoy every single step”